Game Design

Arne Haefs

Having spent a year with Super Crowd practising Game and Level Design in the unique environment of online gamified conventions, I am now looking to challenge myself and learn new things about the fields of Game Design, Level Design and Writing.

 Worldbuilding and Writing has always been a passion of mine, even from a young age. I always knew I wanted to do something creative and have found an intersection of passions in game design.
 I think I work best in small teams allowing me to bounce my ideas of others, take feedback and inspiration from other points of view, allowing me to create a better product.

Previous Work Experiences

While student projects and private interests have given me valuable skills and experiences, the best knowledge comes from working in the industry.  In this spirit, I intend never to stop learning. Both in fields were I already have the experience, as well as in new fields entirely.

I will also strive to apply my skills and experience to the best of my ability in any given task and push myself further to learn better.

Student Projects

Several student projects have allowed me to hone my abilities in several departments, ranging from Writing, over Game and Level Design as well as Programming on the side. Furthermore, they familiarized me with the game engines Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as with the Scrum Process.


Beyond those skills, they also taught me the importance of effective pre-production, a well-organized team and the ability to keep scopes realistic.




Worldbuilding has been a passion of mine from a young age, playing around with possibilities and ideas and creating complex constructs to either serve a task or just for the fun of it.


I also try to find new information, from all walks of life, to further my ability to create realistic and exciting worlds,that are based in real life without copying it.


Writing has been my other big passion since a young age, especially over the aspect of character and story crafting. Something that I love both for the sake of its own and for the sake of exploring my worlds in a myriad of ways.

My favourite stories, though, are the ones that explore characters through a relatively neutral perspective, allowing people to think for themselves and confronting them with new angles of thought.

Level Design

The latest additions to my passions, my studies roused my interest in Level Design, something that my internship and then student employee status with King Art only furthered.

There I also gained valuable experiences and insights in the process of designing levels and got to test my self on challenges like Iron Harvest. I also had several student projects that allowed me to gain insights into various Level Design types and the different requirements that different genres imposed.

Game Design

Game Design is one of those things I just recently discovered for myself when I was first thinking about the process of turning a story into a game. Something that was only furthered by being fascinated with games like Papers Please that seamlessly mix story and gameplay into a beautiful experience for players to live through.

So my goals have shifted a bit, from creating stories to being able, both from my skills and my resources, to create experiences that blend worldbuilding, writing and game design into something more than the sum of its parts.