Krylows Folly

A project made in 4-5 hours as a school project, with a rough setting and a few suggestions on how to develop it. Those suggestions included the names of the major characters and a rough setting.



The year is 1890, and even in the rural areas at the far end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, change is in the air. But this is not why you are here. You are one of the few chosen by Kaiser Franz Joseph I. to rid even the farthest ends of his lands from a Blight in the face of God almighty. You are a member of the Kaiserlich und königliches Vampirjägerkorps. You are trained extensively in both body and mind, your faith unwavering in front of even the worst abominations. You are ready to take on powers beyond mere mortals, beyond even guns and powder, and while you have the authority to command everyone but the highest officials to do your bidding, lesser man will often weigh you down.

Your mission is simple. You are to travel to the small Transylvanian castle of Duke Krylow and find the evidence you need to stake the Duke, a suspected vampire. While a charge of vampirism would be ideal, any crime warranting death will be accepted by your superiors in your holy duty.

Gott Wacht, Jäger.



Approach to the Castle

by Don Matthias(Lecturer at MD.H)





The old man and former poacher has served his master loyally for over 50 years. He is taking care of the castle, the guests, and the food of his master. For him, he takes trips to the nearest town to buy what needs to be bought, as well as to send the letters his master writes, and for him, he wanders the woods at night, something the villagers talk about in hushed tones. They whisper of danger and death.


He is a man, almost as wide as he is large, a body honed from years of hard work, and only slightly diminished by his age. Suits never fit him well, though the cloth of a peasant on the fields below do, and would it not be for the scar that cleaves open his face, took out his right eye, he could blend in well. It is an artifact from his days as a poacher, where the sword of the Kaisers gamekeeper struck him. A wound that would have killed a lesser man, but he pushed through, with the help of his soon-to-be master, and for this, he owes his life. This debt he takes deadly seriously, and even though his body grows old, he tries to keep it in form. He mostly succeeds, yet a limp has snuck it's way into his walk. Around his neck, whether he wears the suits his master insists he wears or the noticeable peasant attire, he always wears a silver coin on a string, a Romanian Leu, stamped with the sigil of Michael the Brave. Once the ruler of Romania and Transylvania, a national hero for the local Romanians, a time of pride before the Austrians and Hungarians came.


He is a man of contradictions, with little care for the laws of man and god, but taking his debts deathly serious. With little respect for rank, for titles, and yet a deep one for his master. He does not believe in justice or even hope, and yet he will stay with the vampire until the end. During his trips to the woods, though he stays in contact with Romanian rebels, planning on separating Transylvania from the Empire, giving them both funds and a place to safely store the weapons, they will need, for few dare to search a nobleman's castle. And even fewer dare to search a vampire. Of course, his master wishes for a price, though it is nothing steep. Only those that revolutionaries would have killed either way to be captured and brought to him, in exchange for his help. A prosperous business relationship, conducted through the loyal Anatol and verified by his silver coin.




Krylows Castle(Inner Bailey)

The Stables
The stables lay on the left-hand side of the gate from the outer to the inner bailey, an imposing building from hard stone chunks, two stories tall, a simple slate roof on top. The upper part of the building has several arrow slits, which allow for a good view across the whole inner bailey. A massive gate, oak with iron mountings, allows for coaches to enter and exit the bailey, a smaller door is built inside the first one, allowing entry without opening the gate. A second door opens onto the castle walls, as defensive as the other. Strong hinges hold both of them in place, anchored deep into the stone.
The lower floor is one big room, measuring 6*12*4 meters. The entry gate itself is 4 meters wide and three tall, with a stone arch above. On the right-hand side, there are two coaches, one painted black, and closed, for the duke to travel, the other is a freight coach, from rough wood, laying low. A small winch above helps with loading and unloading. On the left-hand side, there are two boxes, both 4*2 meters, and filled with straw, each holding a sizeable pitch-black draft horse. A pile of dung from the horses is opposite the door, next to it a ladder leading to the upper floor. The manure is stored in a wooden box, open front, and top, with latches on each side. Under the dung is a hidden trap door leading to the cellar. The room smells of old paints, of horse and waste, with only two braziers to give some light. If unlit, they are kept full of oil by Anatol.
The second floor is a storage area with a small workshop to fix both the coaches and the horse tack. A small box of tools and leather can be found here, next to lots of hay and straw. A lamp hangs next to the workshop; the rest of the room is unlit, except for light filtering in through the roof. The roof is maybe 3 meters at the highest point and slants down to the sides. The room smells of hay and leather. In the beams under the roof, one can find the bird nests.
The hidden cellar is maybe 4 meters below the ground, a cramped room hewn directly in the rock. Crates of weapons and explosives pile to the roof on either side of the room. Labels are in many languages, some Russian, some Romanian, one or two even German and English, and at the end of the area, there is a small table with tools to make and repair rifles and bombs. A small cot stands to the side of it, above it a shelf with tin cans and a string of garlic. Some empty tins lay next to the station, as well as a few filled with powder. Someone spends quite some time down here, though the bed is cold, and no signs that someone was here can be found. A night bucket can be found under the cot. The room smells of powder, and unwashed man, a small lamp, carefully secured as not to set off any explosions hangs above the workstation. Behind the cot, there is a tunnel that leads to the well, allowing the inhabitant to fetch fresh water. Above the cot, a rope that disappears into a small hole in the wall. It leads to a mechanism in Anatol's Chamber, informing him that the line has been pulled.


Rebel Hunt


During the stay of the hunter(s), a contingent of 40 Landwehr(Militia) and six policemen under the leadership of a local governor will move into the area to deal with the suspected rebels. They are armed with rifles and a single machine gun on a wheeled mount. The Landwehr consists of 3 German machine gun crew, 36 Romanian soldiers, and the Hungarian officer under the Hungarian Governor. So coordination is tenuous at best. The Police are all native Romanians.


The Governor, a rat-faced, skinny man, has been covering up the rebel problem so that it would not reflect poorly on his misrule and now intends to kill them all to cover it up. The officer, an alcoholic veteran, and the machine gun crew will be quartered in the local tavern, while the soldiers will be spread out among the houses of the citizens.


The Governor will try to block all requests from the vampire hunter and, if pressed, will outright refuse to help unless the rebel problem is solved first. He also will be very quick to call in the vampire hunter should they encounter the vampire first.


The Police will start to investigate the village competently and will work together with the vampire hunter if requested. The machine gun crew can easily be convinced to help the vampire hunter and will do so to the best of their abilities.


The rebels (20+1d10), on the other hand, will gather in the woods and retreat to the castle, making a deal with the vampire to fight together. If the player has gathered evidence on the vampire, the vampire will insist that the hunter is killed first. So the rebels and the vampire will lead an attack. Otherwise, they will fortify themselves in the castle and wait for the assault. The Governor will press the general and the vampire hunter to attack.