Level Design

Level Design is the field I currently have the most professional experience in, after my 10-month internship and student employee contract with King Art. I worked on Iron Harvest, an RTS, and developed three maps during this time. With one, I was given a complete layout, which I then brought to life through scripting and planning. For one, I had the pleasure of developing it from the idea to post-release balancing changes, while the last I cared for from conception to block out, before my time with King Art came to an end.

Not all of these maps have been released yet, so there will not be an overview of them from my side. For all others, you’ll find a summary in video form and a short analysis from my side regarding my intentions, though not the specific work processes used.

Super Crowd


Business Convention


Copenhagen Inspired Map


University Event


University Library Based Map


Entertainment Convention


Credit Scene




When Project is released

Iron Harvest


Fortress City


Defensive Challenge Map


Stronghold Siege


Offensive Challenge Map

Student Project


Unreal Tournament Map


Team vs Team