Student Project

The following example was part of our level design course. Though I must admit thanks to overlapping exams, I didn't have as much time for playtesting and refinement as I would have liked.
 The topic was to build a level for Unreal Tournament in my case.

My level was centred around the idea of a layered level for all play styles. As such, I have three layers, from the lowest, geared for short-range weapons and fast-paced combat, to the highest which was geared for a slower game, offering cover and long sightlines for those more inclined to the role of a sniper.

Layer 1 - Long Range

  1. Spawning a sniper rifle and giving access directly to the spawn-rooms, as well as the flag room, this part of each base is a good staging ground for the next attack.
  2. A sniper-nest with good map control, yet still vulnerable to be flanked, especially from below. A valuable target to be held, but not an insurmountable obstacle.
  3. Shorter than the other teams access route, but with less cover and less choice, only 2 walkways in exchange for 3.
  4. A longer route but with more cover, allowing for safer approaches, to keep the map balanced.

Layer 2 - Mid Range

  1. The flag room, two firing slits towards the playing field, allowing for some fire from relative safety, though the firing angles are hindered by cover. The base can be left to the back, safe from enemy fire. Midrange Weapons can be found here.
  2. The spawn rooms, separated from the flag room, but with direct access to the upper and lower level of the base. They hold an additional pistol to allow some defence against spawn campers.
  3. Again a short dash over relatively open ground and around holes in the map allows the left side to get quicker to the middle of the map.
  4. More cover, but a slower approach for the right team.

Layer 3 - Short Range

  1. The lowest part of the base, connecting spawn and flag rooms and holding close-range weapons.
  2. The first chokepoint, as well as wall-runs that separate the base from the level, allowing for relatively easy defence against unorganized attackers, but can be easily outflanked by more experienced players.
  3. The entrance to the lowest layer, with pillars to break sightlines, making camping harder.
  4. A high skill high reward area, with tight pillars and treacherous holes in the ground, allowing unexpected flanks for good players but being a death trap for weaker players.
  5. A cramped labyrinth for extreme CQC and hidden flanks.
  6. A relatively open room with elevators in the ground ensuring that one has to watch their step, or be flung to the ceiling, either missing a vital shot or dodging certain death.
  7. The middle of the map, scattered cover around the central hole in the ground, holding the strongest weapon of the game, which has to be brought somewhere else if the player wants to use it without killing themselves.