HGC 2022

With the HGC being a Business Convention, our focus was on mechanics that would allow easy networking, for we created three main mechanics, one refined from earlier events. These three mechanics would cover planned meetings, unplanned meetings, and easy exchange of information.

We created the mechanic around planned meetings in cooperation with Meet2Match, which allowed us to develop a system to schedule meetings with every other person participating in the HGC, as the Convention Account had access to the Meet2Match account. This allowed us to use the already in place infrastructure of Meet2Match to help people set up planned meetings quickly.
People would set up meetings via Meet2Match, easily accessible via links on the convention. Starting a meeting would teleport them into a secluded area where only other people with a Meet2Match Meeting would be, allowing for uninterrupted meetings via the in-game Voice & Videochat, which would automatically be opened when starting a meeting.

For unplanned meetings, we used an already existing Video Call feature that would allow players to call any other player they could see. This was done by clicking on them and selecting "Start Call" or "Invite to call" if more than two people were participating in this call. Up to 16 people could join in the same call this way.
The call mechanic would allow all players to quickly set up unplanned meetings if they met someone interesting. The other way to set up a public meeting was via "Meeting Table" Objects that, when interacted with, would start a voice call anyone could join by simply interacting with the "Meeting Table".

Business Cards would allow the players to exchange information easily. Their Meet2Match profile automatically filled each player's business card and generated a phone contact. This contact was displayed as the QR-Code, allowing users to easily add everyone, giving them a business card to their contacts by scanning the QR-Code.
Exchanging business cards would happen by clicking on the player you wish to gift your card to, then selecting "Send Card". The other player would then receive a notification on the side of their screen informing them that someone wished to share their business card with them. This request could either be accepted and receive the Business Card or denied.
The application would store all Business Cards a player had gathered in an easily accessible folder to look over them or find the contact QR-Code again. This would allow everyone to exchange contact information and facilitate easier networking easily.