Various Ideas

A collection of ideas to various worlds I haven’t yet found the time to turn into a real project.

Roman Cyberpunk Dystopia

What if a Cyberpunk Dystopia story was written during 110 in the Roman Empire.
It is heavily influenced by Roman Mythology, Greek Inventions, Roman Vices and Virtues, and the Threats to the Empire. Steam-Cyber-Divine Punk, with devices powered by Mythological Powers, Steam Engines, and more.
What makes it a dystopia, Ultra-Rich Romans Owning everything and being absolute hedonists. Cold War(maybe gone hot) with Parthia, Superweapons all over the place. Barbarians from the North(perhaps with a not!Mongols invading) a monotheistic Religion spreading and undermining society's values and belief in the Emperor.

Japanese Inspired Wild West

The US doesn’t force the Japanese to open their borders. Instead, it is the Russian Empire trying to regain prestige Lost in the Crimean War. They arrive in 1857 and force Japan to open its borders, as well as taking Hokkaido and the Kuril Islands. The US comes and offers Japan help in modernizing, which they take up. The two nations start to form a close relationship. So when the Civil War breaks out four years later, many Samurai travel to America. Many wish to repay the debt their nations owes and want to both to familiarize themselves with new weapons and to find glory in war, like their ancestors. After the war ends, many stay and start to settle the frontier.

End of an Age

In a fantasy world, the age of heroes, larger than life beings with missions from the gods themself, is slowly ending. New religions push the old gods away, new weapons have range never seen before, and where once a few men held all the power new cities grow rich on trade, serfs rebel for better conditions. Meanwhile, the heroes of old are slowly fading away, time breaking them, where so many evils had failed. Yet the last true hero receives a last mission from the gods.
A world contrasting the Black and White of High Fantasy, the Heroes of stories, the Age of Myth, with reality, normal beings with heroic deeds, of complex moralities with no clear answer. About how there is merit in many approachers.

Weird War 1

World War one with a supernatural spin. Angels of Mons were the first sign that something was changing, and quickly the horrors of war started to manifest in their own ways. Sentient malicious barbed wire, poison fog ghosts, unspeakable things tunneling under the battlefields. But also things like the Angels of Mons, dead men rising again to protect their comrades.

Whirlwind Race

An insane racing game, where you have to build a vehicle, that can survive nearly all conditions found in space or on planets, to compete in the biggest race of the galaxy for an unthinkably large prize. The racetrack jumps through portals and finds its way through the thickest asteroid belts, narrow cave systems, deep oceans under kilometers of ice, through the outer layers of a sun. And every contestant has futuristic gimmicks in his car, from weapons to utility items, so choose your vehicle and crew well.