MAG Credit Scene

In the last few days of the development of the MAG, I was given the task of creating a suitable Credit Scene for the Entertainment Convention. Given the time constraints and that a good Credit Scene should remind the player of the important parts of their journey, I decided to build the Credit Scene mostly from miniature dioramas of the other worlds.

Given that the main Gamification of the MAG was the Faction System and the fight between the sisters, it made sense that the Credit Scene, too, should be divided between the two. Luckily each world already was considered part of one, the other, or neutral ground, making the decision of which world to include on which side easy.
To emphasize the similarities between the two sisters, they both resided in the same pavilion, though both pavilions are coloured and decorated differently. Maggie's side was kept calmer and separated with hedges online, the floor grass, as she was characterized as the calmer sister. Meagans' side, on the other hand, was concrete, surrounded by a large fence, giving an air of rebelliousness to even being inside the fence.

In the Credit Scene was every NPC the player could interact with during the MAG, with a new line of dialogue, placed in a small diorama made from the decorations of their "home" world. Something that would only add to the feeling of seeing all the highlights and wrapping up the even. The screen at the end of the neutral zone showed the credits themselves, having a central position but one that did not impose on either of the sisters.